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What is Branding?

Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon once said: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Branding is a marketing strategy that aims to get customers to recognize and choose an organization's brand and products over competitors' products.

The approach entails developing a brand, a logo, and other design assets that are readily recognizable as belonging to the company.


Why is Branding important for SMEs?

Many SMEs would rather not invest time and resources in branding and just merely imitate their competitors' identities or existing internet patterns.

That isn't going to work.

In the long run, you won't be able to effectively sell a product or service until you define a strong brand identity scheme.

Even if your rivals have a broader variety of features, superior price models, greater industry experience, and so on, great SME branding will persuade a customer's subconscious to choose your company's goods and services over competitors'.

Choosing branding features that identify your company to your audience and differentiate you from rivals can be challenging for SMEs and start-ups. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

Let's take a look at the core elements that are required for better branding your business.


1. Brand Positioning

Positioning refers to how a product is positioned in the market. It essentially determines which consumer segments it intends to target.

Or in other words, brand positioning explains what the organization does, who it serves, what your unique values are, what distinguishes you from other organizations, and what the customer will achieve by buying your product or service:

Branding - HBF Direct

2. Brand Promise

A brand promise is the most important thing that the company promises to offer every time. To develop your brand promise, remember what your staff, clients, and partners want from you in each transaction. Any business decision should be balanced against this commitment to ensure that it either justifies or does not explicitly contradict it.

HBF Direct - Brand Promise

3. Brand Personality

Brand personality would demonstrate what the brand can be recognized for both inside and outside of the organization. Consider the basic personality characteristics you want your staff, prospects, and clients to use when describing your business.

It is just like the personality of human beings, a certain emotional or personal quality that we associate with a particular brand.

Brand Personality - HBF Direct

4. Brand Associations

Brand associations are the physical artifacts that make up the brand. It includes logo, colors, image tagline, name, etc. The brand promise and brand traits must be reflected through the brand association.

HBF Direct - Branding

5. Brand Communication

Brand communication is the message that a brand sends out through different channels such as advertisements, brochures, punchlines, and billboards. If the company is to grow, it must be able to articulate its key benefits to consumers clearly.



HBF Direct Limited can help to create an identity for your business by making people aware of your brand name through Reputation Management. We are helping organizations and businesses to see, understand, manage, and strengthen the reputation they hold to drive and secure their future.

We use a combination of both offline and online reputation management techniques. We study and analyze your current reputation, shape your internal reputation and strengthen your external reputation.  We make custom made plan of action that suits your needs and budget. Connect with us and let us create brand and communication strategies that better influence and manage the perception of stakeholders.

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