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“A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit.” – Ian Fleming

Wearing a prestigious timepiece is not just about sporting an accessory. It is an experience that transcends the concept of mere utility. Wearing an illustrious timepiece delivers a statement. A statement of eminence; of patience; of success. A statement that up until now could be made by only a select few. Until now, there was no respite for all the people who wished to be a part of the exquisite timekeeping experience but could only engage in the capacity of a window shopper. Access to high-end timepieces has always been fairly restricted since the dawn of time. This is best explained by the Founder, Akash Mayur, when he said, “The high price points coupled with a nascent reseller’s market and the innate passion of experiencing new watches means a significant investment into potentially depreciating assets. This is not financially prudent.”

Amidst this, Chronoisseur aims to stand tall as a trailblazer in the Indian market and to democratize access to luxury products such as wristwatches through its unique subscription-based business model. Chronoisseur provides the users the flexibility to go through the rich collection of our handpicked timepieces, select one or multiple such pieces, and instantly get access to them through our subscription model. The experience can be dissected into three simple steps: sign up; select from an exquisite collection of watches; and subscribe to it for as long as you desire. All of the services are delivered at your doorstep.

Furthermore, members have the opportunity to sport multiple pieces before they decide on the one piece that they want to invest in. In fact, loyal members of the brand will even get the unique opportunity to acquire said pieces from our collection at an exclusive member only price. We strive to ensure that our member prices are well below the MRP of the asset. As such, loyal members can potentially save upto 40% percent on selected pieces.

Chronoisseur also aims to bring individuals with a penchant for timepieces together. It aims to build and foster a community of people who understand and appreciate the art of horology. Through this community, the company wants to radically change the obscure perception of the timekeeping experience and introduce it to the mainstream who is unaware of its significance.

What problem the start-up is solving:

Luxury goods, including but not restricted to high-end timepieces are expensive. Regulatory hurdles such as high taxes, customs duties and import taxes restrict these goods to a handful. Moreover, due to an underdeveloped resellers market, once bought, these timepieces depreciate in value while sitting idly in the wardrobe.

Chronoisseur presents an affordable wallet-friendly solution for people who desire to sport a high-end timepiece but may not have the resources to do it within the purview of the traditional ecosystem. Chronoisseur wants members to feel special, worthy, and empowered by allowing them to sport one or multiple pieces from our exquisite collection of hand-picked collectible timepieces at affordable subscription-based prices.

The choice of a person's timepiece can tell a lot about them. For example, we can deduce that a person who sports an Omega speedmaster worn by James Bond is probably someone adventurous. An individual wearing a Rolex Daytona can be attributed as someone with extreme patience; apparent by the time it takes to acquire one. Hence, the decision to invest in a timepiece is an exceptionally daunting task.

However, up until now, people planning to buy a piece did not have the luxury to sport multiple options before landing on any one piece. This is the second gap in the current market that we aim to capture. Chronoisseur will provide its users the flexibility to try multiple timepieces in real life before they make a permanent commitment to a single piece. Finally, in the words of the co-founder Vansh Jain, “Watch enthusiasts are rare to find and there is no community as such where members can be actively involved”. Hence, Chronoisseur is working towards potentially being a members-only community that is all about experiencing watches and timepieces.”

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