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Elucidation Today is a bootstrap start-up that focuses on career awareness and skill development. A new kind of unemployment has been rising in India, graduates who don’t possess the skills required at the workplace and are unaware of higher education opportunities. Elucidation Today aims to help those who are lost in their career trajectories by organizing workshops, webinars, and training sessions by inviting experts who interact with the school students, college students, and early-stage professionals to upskill them and make them aware of conventional and unconventional career options that they have.

We have a mentorship program whereby we connect students with industry experts from the field they want to enter. After careful research, we identify the top skills that are required to get a job, start a venture, or expand an existing business. We invite resource persons to curate workshops to train the youth in those skills.

We help people build skills such as communication, interpersonal skills, content writing, graphic designing, IT, digital marketing, and the like. We already have been able to cover some schools and colleges across Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. We recently ran a 6-day long skill development program called SNAP (Skills for New Age Program) for which we received applications from 17 states and union territories across the country and shortlisted a small and diverse group of bright individuals to interact and learn from the expert instructors. Next, we are aiming to: a) collaborate with individuals and organisations to providing affordable career counselling services, b) design modules that highlight the practical applications of the school curriculum.

Our vision is to tackle the problem of unemployment by making people skilled, spreading awareness about conventional and unconventional career paths, and encouraging start-ups by providing adequate support and guidance.

The market demands practical and skills-oriented people and Elucidation Today aims to achieve that.

A renovation that has been long due for our education system has begun with the launch of Elucidation Today.

What Problem are you Solving?

We are trying to solve the problem of unemployment at Elucidation Today. Employed citizens mean lesser poverty, lesser crime, and a better society.

Even though students seem to get the necessary education from their respective institutions, they still lack a lot of basic yet important skills that are demanded in the job market. From our personal experiences and conversation with students, teachers, and recruiters we discovered that there is a huge gap between what is required or demanded in the market and what is taught to us in our conventional classrooms. Basic skills like communication and interpersonal etiquette have become so rare among candidates that they are often being rejected solely due to this reason. This can be attributed to the way it is being taught in our schools and colleges, like just another theory paper.

Be it communication or entrepreneurship it needs to be taught practically by industry experts who have experience in the relevant field. Elucidation Today bridges the gap between theoretical education and practical education. Imparting relevant and necessary skills through practical teaching by industrial experts through various programs. We want to break this chain in the system by:

  • making people entrepreneurial
  • developing skills
  • spreading career awareness
  • introducing interventions in the education system to make it practical

About Founder

For a moment, imagine your life like that of a smartphone. Would you be okay with a model that is ten years old? Obviously, no. Similarly, you constantly need to upgrade your skills from time to time to get a job or start your own venture. Now there is one thing that can kill this, comfort zone. The Comfort zone constantly pulls us down, it just tries to keep us safe from any danger but humans were not meant to remain in a bubble all the life. Were they? You have to get out in order to explore. Explore till you find out what is the calling of your heart.

It might seem scary, uncertain, and confusing, it’s all right but fight through it and continue to learn. The day you stop learning is the day you stop improving. I have worn multiple hats in my professional and academic experience, which threw me out of my comfort zone several times but it was all worth it. I have explored my interests and hobbies by being a dance choreographer, academic tutor, content writer and what not. I went on to do a Master’s degree in Economics after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology Honors, and a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. These trajectories made me know myself so much more and helped me gain interdisciplinary knowledge. Had a degree been enough to get a job, no M.B.A. or Ph.D. would have been struggling to get a job out there.

There was no one to guide me as to what career path to start walking on. Knowing about career options and learning skills was a luxury affair for me. Learning skills should be a necessity rather than a luxury and we aim to provide affordable solutions to skill development and career awareness at Elucidation Today. I and my team envision a world where students have easy access to opportunities and they can follow their interests and passion.

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