HBF DIRECT LIMITED, a public limited company, is an emerging financial advisory organization run by a team of financial planners and Management Consultants. HBF Direct Ltd. strives to offer the right business advisory services to businesses to help them grow and leverage opportunities presented by today’s complex global economy.
Our Team provides the best in class services in the field of Gap Analysis, Management Consulting, Fundraising & IPO Advisory, Corporate Finance &  Start-up consultancy. Additionally, we also assist in strategy development and the day-to-day operations of a business.

We Innovate

Our Bharatpreneurs Campaign helps budding entrepreneurs by turning their Business Idea into Reality. The Financial consultancy from a team of expert advisers guides the young entrepreneurs in various areas including operations of the business, ensuring that the financials are right, and so on.


The Business approach of HBF is to offer maximum support to Individuals, Young Entrepreneurs, and Businesses by understanding their needs and advising customized solutions to them. Our idea is to expand our customer reach and offer the mentioned services on a PAN India basis.


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HBF Direct

Our services offer a comprehensive solution to all of your business problems, acting as a one-stop-shop for all of your needs. From starting a new business, to providing the services of a experts, banker, consultant, investor, and more, we simplify your daily business requirements. With us taking care of these details, you can focus on growing and expanding your core business. Additionally, we can also assist with your business expansion plans.

The team's foremost objective is to provide top-notch services to its clients, ensuring that quality is never compromised. Our team is highly motivated and dedicated to providing financial consultancy services that are tailored to meet the needs of the client's business model and expansion plans.We share a common vision, driven by passion, quality, teamwork, and persistence to become a prominent corporation in the future.

So, If you have decided to go forward with the services of a Management Consultant, then we have experts who would help you sail through in this journey. Contact us by sending us Email on:  [email protected] 


Expert Team Support
Global Business Setup
Manage Cash Management
Build a Management Board
Execute Sales Plan
Idea Validation and Research 

HBF Direct Ltd. commits to encouraging entrepreneurship and promoting Enterprising India among aspiring entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups. HBF Direct Limited provides a wide range of services to establish, groom, and guide young organizations and more.


Ensuring strategic planning and enhancing business revenue. Building professional work culture, by creating clarity of roles and responsibilities. Succession planning under the VIRTUAL CEO. Read more

CFOs are responsible for defining a company’s financial plan, leading the organization through finance automation, and guiding finance teams to be more strategic and less transactional—and communicating effectively about their endeavors. Read more

A business consultant takes a more specialized hands-on approach, providing specific solutions for your business itself. Our Mentors support entrepreneurs in the early stages of business.

Startups and Businesses need guidance to execute their idea and sustain their operation and help organizations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth, and improve business performance.

HBF Direct Ltd. counsels on how to develop & sustain a valued brand image into the market place by monitoring the reputation of an organization or a brand in a social context by addressing every issue which are potentially damaging the outlook of an organization

Our leadership program focuses on building high caliber professionals in delivering business results in the areas of Financial Performance, Strategy Execution, Change management & Talent Retention

The Challenge

  • Write a business plan
  • Manage Cash flow & Plan
  • Train Management Team
  • Building Policies and Standard
  • Building Sales Team & Execute Sales
  • Building Digitalisation
  • Raising Funds & Launching IPO

We Support

SME growth is possible where barriers are not constrained and good connections are made. SME growth happens, when expert Teams build a plan and execute them accordingly.

HBF Direct Limited supports entrepreneurs to build a plan for funding, We charge our success fees and nominal fees hourly basis(whatever our experts spend time on your project).

Why our Team

Setting goals, developing strategy, creating assets and leveraging technology. At every step of our company process, we're focused on growing your business. Discover how we can help your business get in front of the competition.

  • Work with Certified Management Consultants
  • Work with Productivity Improvement Experts 
  • Local Support
HBF Team