A Gap analysis is a method of evaluating the output gaps within the information systems or process within an organization to decide if business specifications are being fulfilled and, if not, what measures can be implemented to insure that they are effectively achieved.


Market research is an effective tool for helping to plan your business. It's about collecting knowledge that offers the consumers an insight into thought, purchasing habits, and where they are.Market research can identify how Clients might view your business. also identify gaps according Client need.


A Roadmap is a long overview of where your organization is heading and how you get there . But the most popular case of use for planning business growth is a Roadmap which visualizes key business growth projects and milestones across all teams of a organization.


A business needs the cash flow from a project to be known before the project starts. Received current cash flows may be higher or less than projected potential cash flows. Often, they are evaluated by their current value.

Whether you are starting your business or established and looking to grow, our Check Your Business Health Solution will provide practical information and guidance. Businesses operated in a different manner pre covid and a lot of changes and adaptations are required post-covid. Today is the era of Digitalization and businesses are required to adapt to the latest technology in order to perform efficiently. We help businesses to adapt to this change and help them grow in the post-covid era.


Check your business health is an entire system, where we explain the ongoing company things that are wrong in its business operations and what and how these things need to be changed in order to grow. We diagnose all aspects of the business and create a report accordingly. We will advise you on how to implement these business management practices in your business.

We provide advise and solutions on how to:

è Improve net profit drivers

è Find ways to grow your existing business

è Determine new business channels and models

è Build competitive advantage

è Develop an effective marketing campaign

è Focus on the key business drivers

è Identify demand

è Have working capital reserves

Check your business Health

It is a proven theory that doing regular health check of your business only brings more efficiency and helps you identify and plan the scalability of the business. HBF Business Health Check helps to understand what things are going right in the business and what efforts could be made in order to avoid any mistakes which are happening in the business. Business owners and managers who perform regular 'health checks' on their business in order to identify deficiencies may avoid potential pitfalls. 'Health checks' can help uncover areas for improvement in all form of the business.

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