Our area of providing Legal solutions:

We provide compliance-business services through our in-house Compliance team, who deliver the best of Compliance Advice in matters related to Corporate/Business Law.

  • Define Scope and Business Objectives
  • Business Analysis
  • Process Gap Analysis
  • Fraud Detection & Window dressing Identification
  • Check your Internal Control
  • Check your Marketing strategy
  • Check your Financial health


Check your business health

Evaluate crucial business elements by point of view of an external expert.

Define Scope and Business Objectives

A business ‘ success depends on how well its management can plan, irrespective of its size. Scope and Business objectives combine requirements need to be completed in a project.

Business Analysis

It is important to understand the current state of an organisation, in order to identify business needs and problems.

Process Gap Analysis

Comparison of business process or product appearance with desired state helps bridge the gap and improve performance

Fraud Detection & Window dressing Identification

Data detection and investigation of anamolies prevents the acquisition of money or property by misrepresentation

Check your Internal Control

Secure yourself by having a strong collection of internal controls against getting your money skimmed off your bottom line .

Check your Marketing strategy

A business plan is not successful if a firm marketing strategy is lacking. If people don’t know you’re there, it’s hard to get the attention and customers needed.

Check your Financial health

An organization’s financial health can be measured based on multiple parameters such as net worth, savings, credit score, income, debt-to-income ratio, and helps you assess your financial strengths.

Capital Market

We aim to provide thriving ways and means to manage your wealth/assets, assist in financing, access to capital/fund expansion so as to meet a company’s short term as well as its long term objectives.

Policies & Compliance Development

HR Policies

Identify strengths, weaknesses and key areas for correction to improve your current HR situation.

Bylaws Development

Identify strengths, weaknesses and key areas for correction to improve your current HR situation

Legal Policies

Conduct internal compliance assessment to determine which regulations are significant.

IT Policies

IT systems, procedures, policies, and regularly generated data should be categorized, checked according to their significance and sensitivity.

Vendor Policies

It is good to have mutually beneficial vendor management strategies which allow saving costs, improving market performance & operations, adapting business practices.

Solution, Implementation & Automation

When business issues have been established, the solution strategy must be recorded with specifics of the transitional plan, business background, related processes, impact assessment, technical capability, challenges.

Image Building/ Reputation Management

Warren Buffet once said, “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” In addition to affecting customers when making purchase decisions, brand credibility also influences their market value and revenues. Series of tactics are addressed as part of reputation management in order to shape a good perception of a company

Market Research

Market research aims to understand the reasons consumers will buy your product.  A potential goal of all market research techniques is to help you better understand your market, industry, customer, products and competitors.

Data Analytics

Useful information and knowledge can be extracted from big data and hence it is an asset of great value for decision makers and can be used in research and technologies.Process of using appropriate technique or algorithm for extracting useful & unknown patterns, relationship and information from big data is Data analytics.

Customer acquisition Strategy

A cost effective customer acquisition plan is a vital component of an enterprise as not many people are familiar with your products and services.

Global Scale-up

Scaling -up, something that involves finding next investors, connecting with experts around the globe and  and allowing them to give honest feedback to push you further, is necessary for finding entry strategy to new markets

People management

Hire the right people and make the most of them. Employees need to be treated correctly, to unlock their potential, and they can not always be blamed for inefficiency. They should have the required equipment, safety, motivation, compensation and training. Understanding consumer behavior plays an important role in marketing practice, Consumer behavior is evaluated on the basis of its social, personal and cultural characteristics. Catering for specific categories of consumers requires an appropriate marketing strategy

SME Consulting

Connecting business owners with experts. Clearly defined business processes, lawful and comprehensive compliances allow us to act as a consultant to deliver real value even before we make money.

SME ConsultancyStartups and businesses need guidance to execute their idea and sustain their operation.
Accounting and SecretarialHBF Direct Ltd. offers a range of corporate Accounting & Secretarial Service, usually related to changing details of an existing company registration.
People ManagementHBF Direct Ltd. offers high-level professional service for Wealth Management
Human Capital ManagementHCM is very important part of any organisation. It helps to create a systematic process and optimize the resources.
Legal ConsultancyWe help to create right business framework considering future sustainability of organisation in sync with compliance and Law, which includes Legal Advisory, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law & Business Law
Market ResearchMarket research is very important key factor for any startup/SMEs to identify the potential growth and improvement area