Consumers are almost trapped in Covid situation..can't bear the loss its devasting mankind.No ways are sought to lead normal life.Its Insane how an invisible Virus can make Global Neighbours a victim.Situation is underpinning many customers and people are losing in intrest in their previous work.Those who were freelancers or Temporary contract workers facing worst.Now Consumers needs to claim,efficient processing of claims remains critical especially in current environment..Throughout its seen several delays in payouts.Consumers are shifting to technical and web stuff for balancing existence.Innovating products,Specific needs,Proactive communication,Clear Direction about how to contact is in Present Development and synopsis.No doubt Way of functioning of all sectors is diverted and Replanned..People are adopting social distancing. Means of all safety are provided.All we wanna convey please stay strong Yet more is needed.We hereby Request all authorities and Connective Life surviving lines to Cordinate with Present Reality and as we are witnessing customers new demands and Necessary help

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