Data center facility consultancy services that provide hybrid infrastructure-ready data centers as part of an integrated IT strategy.

At its most basic level, a data center is a physical location where businesses keep their mission-critical applications and data. The design of a data center is based on a network of computing and storage resources that allow shared applications and data to be delivered.

In today's digital world, traditional data centers are no longer adequate. Transforming data centers to modular architecture would increase service delivery not only at the core, but also at the edge and for distributed IT. For your on-premises service delivery model, you should gain greater flexibility, cost containment, and a more agile data center footprint.

Development of a Data Center Strategy-Strategic Data Center Planning enables enterprise development and change.

Build an IT approach that includes a data center facility strategy. We will assist you in determining how many data centers you'll need, where they should be located, how big they should be, and what kind of data center they should be. We look at whether you can create and own the data center, outsource it, or use a co-location service. We establish the conceptual technology foundation in design, growth modeling, sourcing alternatives, and cost models based on strategy. For the entire transformation of your data center facility footprint, we'll work with you as your trusted adviser.

Evaluate the skills of your IT activities, facility infrastructures, and management frameworks, and fully understand the current and future state IT and facility standards for your data center approach.

Every data center consultancy project is a true collaboration in which collaborative individuals, enabling technology, and transformative ideas accelerate change. HBF DIRECT LIMITED directs the entire process, from energy-efficient design to facility construction and commissioning or upgrading.

Data Centre Facilities Design and Implementation

Make your data centers come to life. Our turnkey services can serve as the primary integrator and coordinate the whole solution, or we can work in collaboration with a general contractor.

1. Facility Design:

Count on trusted hands to create blueprints for your data center based on your specific needs. We offer a comprehensive design that is tailored to your specific technology and data center goals, and each solution is designed to be energy efficient. We've built over 65 million square feet of floor space and half of all LEED gold and platinum-certified data centers. We provide everything from conceptual physical data center design to schematic design, detailed design construction documents, and other tools. This basically aids you in assessing the availability, reliability, and topology requirements of your data center, as well as overall data center costs.

Data centre

2. Facility implementation

We've built and commissioned more than 1 million square feet of data center space around the world and can handle the entire process, from design to commissioning. Our highly skilled project managers oversee the build aspect, which includes construction management and external contracting teams, as Prime Integrator.


HBF Facilities Consulting is a true partnership that accelerates change through collaborative people, empowering technology, and transformative ideas. We accelerate innovation, transformation, value creation, and future opportunities. Our goal is to assist you in developing IT solutions that will help you respond to disruption, transform and accelerate your business, and help you succeed in the digital age. IT must convert from a cost center to a business value creator in order to collaborate with businesses in the concept economy. Our transformation areas provide solutions to your most pressing issues. We provide solutions by advising, transforming, and integrating them. Appropriate architectures and technologies are identified. We have the necessary tools to help modernise and migrate your environment

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We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage.


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