In this Amidst Lock down from 100 days worldwide,Every zone is suffering. Somewhere The nature is heeling,grass turning more green in land fields Wildlife is cheering Technology at home never gave up.Today world is leading every hour medical facilities and volunteers are in hopes to battle Corona virus -19 same we are trying to balance the work roots attached to us.Business are adjusting their supply chains and connect with their customers remotely,digital developments are crucial.We firmly believe the progress of many businesses is in trending towards Digitalisation and Application fied module in future and need of present moment too.All over the globe Tax leaders can do prepare their firms for an uncertain future.Organisations in Business and Finance giants need to stand up together in this crisis.We are timely organising Awareness webcast to People and making them more insightful to deal with this.We should not lose the target that Before covid we all have been ambitious and growth oriented same during this time we can do all work by practising sanitised guidelines and social distancing.And Its not a problem at all many work giants are enabling this culture. Its making employees to spend time with their family.Parenting is going easy.Gender roles are now equal in …leads.Getting new projects and helping health industry is most new stuff we developing Governments and Cross Border Connectivity in Work scenarios will definitely lead to a positive outcome.Its not about living with the phobia of Covid Its all about Winning self spirit high and The stigma of it We can’t fill the loss of lives and pandemic effect but we can regrow and rebuilt a safe situation for the generation next to us.We all are in developing phase.Economies are co related they grow in chain … We just need to put Business Economies Digitally and Our things will be More in Outcome. 

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