Everything You Need to Know About Crowdfunding

It can be difficult to secure funding for a startup, and if you don't have an angel investor or a brokerage company on your side, it's simple to fall victim to a cash crunch that halts all business expansion chances. However, a potential alternative has just been accessible to business owners who are looking for funding but are unable to secure any capital through the conventional private investment method. This method is referred to as crowdfunding. Crowdfunding not only allows you the chance to raise money, but it also gives you some much-needed market validation because the investors are likely to be the company's eventual customers.

Therefore, if you are successful in raising enough money through a crowdsourcing effort, you also have the added solace that your product is prepared for sale.

Having said that, doing this without the necessary skills and tact is difficult. Crowdfunding requires meticulous planning and execution to be done correctly, even though it may not include meetings and presentations with investors. So let's take a look at all you should know about the crowdfunding game so you can raise money for your firm.

Equity Crowdfunding

A specific form of crowdfunding called equity crowdfunding allows investors to purchase shares rather than prizes. This approach enables you to raise more money for your equity while also enabling you to offer shares.

Campaign Length

Always have an idea about the length of your campaign because if you let it be too short, it will fail to gain momentum while allowing it extend to too long a duration makes people lose interest. Different platforms have different camping lengths with Kickstarter letting you choose a maximum 60 days while Indiegogo enables you to set any amount of time you deem suitable.

Platform Options

Because there are so many various platforms available, it can be perplexing at times because they all seem to offer different things. The most well-known platforms include Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdcube, Crowdfunder, and Crowd Supply. Here are two of them so you can see which one could work best for you.


Although there are many success stories from this site, which is the greatest name in crowdfunding, it may be depressing to learn that two-thirds of the campaigns launched here fail. You might just be able to pull off a triumph in this situation with the correct campaign plan that focuses on drawing attention to your concept. Your proposal must be original and imaginative, and your campaign must be eye-catching and flamboyant due to the overwhelming number of entries on this website.


Similar to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Crowdfunder functions as a generalized fundraising platform that allows you to start any kind of campaign, whether it be for a charitable organization or a new business idea. This platform's style is extremely corporate, making it ideal for commercial concepts. The main problem with this platform is that it only supports campaigns with a UK base.

Four Fundraising stages of a startup

The four phases of startup funding are as follows:

To really develop the prototype or model for your firm, you must first secure seed money. It is quite rare for a business to succeed in becoming self-sufficient with just the seed capital round of investment, therefore this is generally typically the initial step to further rounds of funding.

Series A - This round of finance enters the picture once you have established all the necessary foundations and supporting infrastructure to launch yourself into the market and reach your target audience. Typically, this money is spent on advertising, marketing, strengthening brand recognition, and investing in the development of long-term consumer demand.

Series B - This phase begins whenever your company has reached its full potential in one market and you need to expand and enter new areas to increase profitability. Here, the company typically makes investments in a wider range of industry verticals or broadens its operations to other markets.

Series C: This is the penultimate round of private fundraising before the business decides whether to go public and raise money from the stock market. The money obtained at this point aids the organization in getting ready and completing all regulations so that it can become a public business.


While having a fantastic idea is essential for creating a successful company, obtaining funds through crowdfunding calls for much more than simply an original concept. The campaign itself must be obnoxious, captivating, and colourful. For the campaign page to get more viewers and, consequently, more investors, it must be as professional and interesting as possible.

Kickstarter campaigns with an accompanying video have a 50% higher success rate than those without one, demonstrating how crucial it is to spice up your campaign in order to raise money.

To persuade the viewers to invest in the business, the user must be able to tell an engaging tale in the video. Adding some unique visuals, illustrations, and other visual assets to break up the text will also help you persuade more people to donate to your campaign.


If you don't have enough views on your campaign page, no amount of building it up and making it appear good will help. This is where exposure comes into play. Utilize all of your available channels to draw viewers and possible investors. To increase the reach of your campaign, send emails outlining the initiative, make connections, use professional networks, and strengthen your ties.

Get support for and investment in your campaign from friends, family, and coworkers by utilizing your own network. It will always be simpler to persuade individuals you know about your idea than it will be to persuade a stranger who is worried about losing money. Utilize your network to find supporters for your concept.

Social Media

Promote your cause actively on social media because, in the modern world, this is where we gain the greatest traction due to social media's all-encompassing nature. Make a splash online and watch as your concept takes off. As your campaign gains traction, keep your social media accounts informed on your progress to attract additional attention to the cause. Also, remember not to click the snooze button in the middle of a task.


Crowdfunding is a challenging but efficient way to raise money for a new firm. Crowdfunding can assist give your ideas wings if you remain organized and determined to raise money. Today, crowdfunding is a multibillion dollar industry that has changed the startup landscape and has to be addressed seriously. Contact our team of specialists if you have any additional questions about financial or regulatory issues, and they will see that you obtain the appropriate help for your needs.

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