features of advertising

Advertising is the deliberate promotion of a company's product or service.

Because of the market's fierce competitiveness, advertising has become an essential component of any company. Advertising can be thought of as fuel for a burn. There will be fire without extra wood, but it will never be enough to cook something.

Adding fuel to the flames, on the other hand, would generate enough heat to cook the meal. As a result, understanding the idea of ads to produce revenue in order to make a profit is critical.

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Features of Advertising:

1. A mode of Communication

An advertising aids in the creation of contact between the product's customer and the organization that manufactures the product.

A buyer would never purchase a product if he is unfamiliar with the brand and is unaware of the benefits that the product provides. So, what does a company do to make the brand appear recognizable and to promote the product's attributes with people? At this point, the position of advertisement becomes critical.

Through promoting your product on various channels and on a regular basis, you improve people's identification with your brand and make them aware of the products that your product has to sell.

2. A paid service

Advertising is an art form that necessitates such abilities. There are advertisement firms who provide promotional services to businesses and charge exorbitant fees for their services. However, corporations could end up spending billions of dollars on an advertisement strategy just to receive ineffective results. Effective ads generates much more benefit than the organization pays to obtain the service.

3. A clear message

Companies nowadays use ingenuine commercials to draw consumers quickly.

But keep in mind that while false ads will initially attract consumers, if they do not get the results that you promised by your advertising, they will not purchase your product again, nor will they recommend it to their friends and acquaintances.

Customers feel betrayed because they do not get what they expected and begin making derogatory remarks about the goods if they come into contact with them. As a result, be certain that whatever you advertise is authentic in order to gain loyal consumers.

4. A Target Group

An advertising should target a specific demographic.

For example, if you are advertising a health drink for children, the target audience of the commercial will be children aged 5 to 12 years, while if you are selling sanitary napkins, the target audience will be women aged 14 to 40 years. As a result, before you plan to create a commercial, identify your target audience.

This would also assist you in selecting the best media medium. For example, if you try to advertise anything to teens or young people, the best advertisement medium will be social media, since most young people are very involved on social media.

If you choose the wrong advertising medium and the wrong target demographic, you can not get the desired sales.

5. Publicity

Advertisement is an excellent way to publicise the company's commodity.

As I previously said, people seldom purchase goods from businesses with which they are unfamiliar. If you watch customers in stores, you've probably seen them leave things by saying, "I've never heard of it before."

People will become acquainted with the company's brand identity if the commercial is played many times. As a result, by using commercials, you can establish your brand's position in the market.

6. Persuasion

The primary goal of ads is to encourage consumers to buy your goods instead of your rivals' products and to make them feel that their decision would benefit them. Persuading a wide number of individuals, on the other hand, is a difficult challenge.

That's especially true when you can't talk with anyone face to face. In both cases, the imagination of the advertisement's maker would be critical. People will change the channel or miss the commercial if they do not see the whole advertising.

7. Creativity

Advertising relies heavily on creativity. The success of the commercial can be determined by its innovation, and in order to produce an innovative advertisement, you must have created people with creative minds. Consider the following commercial by the dog food brand "Pedigree."

They used two images of the same human against the same backdrop. In the first image, a man stands alone by the water, while in the second image, a dog stands next to the man, with the tagline "A dog makes your life easier, Adopt." A bleak image was transformed into a cheerful image by the appearance of a puppy.

8. Entertainment

“Entertainment” is another critical aspect of advertisement. By comedy, you should not have to make the viewers chuckle by putting their stomach in their hands.

However, when I use the term "entertainment" in ads, I mean something that keeps the audience's attention and prevents them from flipping channels.

9. Impersonal

Advertising should be impersonal. You may create an advertisement for a certain group of people. That doesn't mean you can use ads to send a message to a specific person.

In contrast, in face-to-face product marketing by salesmanship, the message may be tailored to a particular customer. Advertisement becomes more successful as it is targeted to a certain audience, and this concept applies to all media styles.

10. Language

The vocabulary of the commercial is a vital aspect of it. Companies often create ads in local languages in order to better communicate the meaning of the advertising to the citizens of a certain region or nation.

11. Truth

Last but not the least, one of the most crucial aspects of advertisement is reality. It is important that all ads provide accurate facts. Consumers have the right to sue if the facts in the commercial is false.


Today, advertising has become a very important part of the industry because of increasing  competition, thus requiring every businessman to promote his products and services in the best possible manner.

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