Most firms, supermarkets, cinemas, automotive makers, hotels , airlines, software and other stores, publishers and bookshops, real estate agencies, internet outlets and even restaurants would receive zero advertising revenue throughout April.

Some firms going to tackle this scenario. Initiating pay cuts, postponing the date of meeting new recruits, postponing fresh jobs, and eventually terminating staff, among other issues


Take care
mental health

Remember what's next for you. Apart from the mental pressure and guilt emotions, you may lose sight of the reality that careers are about wealth, and income lets us feel secure and helps us to lead the kind of life we like.


Make a
business plan

Hold a hand on your feelings. Events could be swirling for some time. These is all the signals. You've got a negative rating, you've been on a success schedule or you and your manager have been fighting rather than simply talking.Anger and anger have been brewing for months beneath the surface of your relationships, and now you've been called to HR and unceremoniously fired from your career that you've been working so hard on.


Secure any business
licenses and permits

Don't be a jerk! Never bad-mouth your employer or a particular employee either to other people or on social media


Select the right
location for your business

Turn Lemons into Lemonade. Get shot suckers! We were just in there. Taking this scenario and transforming it into a constructive would not only improve your physical and mental well-being, it can also give you a opportunity to seriously reconsider your career path.


your finances

Beware, Do not fall into the Traps of Fraudsters for Money. You will never get a job by Paying for it. Invest on your skills rather than shortcuts.

We advice you to learn some new skills or if you are fresher than you can join some internship so you can learn something new

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