Manufacturing of Hand Sanitizers

Documents Required Licence

  • Incorporation of business - Private Limited recommended
  • Area of the manufacturing unit should be not less than 600 sqft.
  •  (DMR act compliance must be followed by all manufacturers
  • Technical Officer (BMS doctor)
  • Technical Officer (BSC with Bio.)
  • Product information (the composition of product)
  • Directors (related to the herbal domain) will be more preferable

Manufacturing License Registration Steps

  • Connect with HBF team
  • Submit all the documents required for license
  • Plant layout consulting by HBF team
  • Product testing consulting by HBF team
  • Product packaging & labeling consulting by HBF team
  • Raw material source consulting by HBF team
  • Procurement of machinery by HBF team
  • Drafting of Affidavit’s
  • Verify & complete the documentation process
  • Draft & filing the application to Ministry.

Best way to start !

  1. Company Registration
  2. Licence
  3. Plant Development
  4. Raw Material
  5. Distribution Network
  6. Packaging Machine

Included  License

  • Manufacturing license consultancy
  • Document Preparation
  • Application Drafting
  • Application Filing with Department
  • Payment to Government
  • Obtain License

Additional Services

  • Pitch Deck, Software & Website
  • Dossier preparation including all the required affidavits.
  • Formulation development
  • Evaluation of formulation as per drugs license format.
  • Consultation for Good Manufacturing Practice certificate
  • Preparation of consumer product report/ leaflet
1. About Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene is one of the most important measured to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. It is an integral procedure in the healthcare environment. Similarly, it is very important for the community as well. As per an estimate, simple hand washing can save about one million lives per year.

Because of rising mindfulness about hand cleanliness and its advantages, there has been a consistent increment sought after of hand sanitizers. To satisfy the high needs of the hand sanitizers, a wide scope of cutting edge hand sanitizer fabricating blender and fluid recording machines are accessible. By and large, the hand sanitizer creation line has hand sanitizer blender, blending readiness pot, working stage, control boards and fundamental funnels, valves and filters.Out everything being equal, the hand sanitizer pot is the most significant gadget in the hand sanitizers creation lines. It comprises inward compartments, external protection layers, steams and cooling water, temperature estimating gadgets, upper sapped customizable blending gadget and material taking care of and releasing gadget. The internal holder and spring are made of top notch treated steel. Hand Sanitizer is incredibly powerful in eliminating microorganisms, organisms and infections. Hand sanitizers are famously known as hand germicide, hand rub, or sterile hand gel. There are different kind of sanitizers, for example, Alcohol based sanitizers (Isopropyl/Ethanol), Ammonia based sanitizers (Benzethonium/Benzalkonium Chloride), Silver/Iodine based sanitizers, Chlorine based sanitizers (Chlorhexidine/Cetrimonium), Triclosan based sanitizers, Essential Oil based sanitizers (Cinnamon, Clove, Thymol). Records Required For Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing License:Incorporation/Proprietary/Other type of business,Area of the assembling unit ought to be at the very least 600 sqft, (DMR act compliances must be trailed by all manufacturers,Technical Officer (BMS doctor),Technical Officer (BSC with Bio.),Product data (the arrangement of product),Directors (identified with the home grown space) will be progressively best.

2. Material || Plant || Process


Beaker, Filter funnel, Filter paper, foil paper, paper tape, Packaging bottle, camphor, wild spinach, analytical weighing balance, Lavender oil, glycerin, garlic, turmeric, Ethanol, distilled water

Automatic Liquid Manufacturing and Filling Plant

Complete Process of cleaning, dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing, vacuum, heating 7 cooling in one unit.

  • The homogenizer also works as a transfer pump for discharging finished products.

  • Special semi contra design of agitator blades

  • Automatic lid opening system.

  • Accurate temperature control even for small quantities.

  • Perfect particles and droplet size control

  • Batch to batch repeatability.

  • Load cell for accurate weighing.

  • Two-line for product recirculation is provided to avoid wastage of materials (One is short and other is long)



The startup cost would require a minimum of Rs. 10 lakhs- 25Lakh for a sanitizer. That would include land costs, Construction, manufacturing, and other miscellaneous materials and expenditures. Establishing a factory with little space in an industrial area would cost you around Rs 60k-70k in terms of rent.

These are all assumptions that may vary from yours Machinery, business plan, and other costs.

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