For the first time in modern history, Brookings Institution analysts claim, nearly half of the world 's population are middle-class or wealthier. Meanwhile, a survey of 39 countries, over at the Pew Research Center, reveals that three out of four people use the internet. Ready for yet another statistic? Ready for yet another statistic? The global population of college students has more than doubled since 2000 according to a UNESCO-sponsored survey.

All of this may seem like an perfect atmosphere for the education sector to develop. Yet the reality is much more complicated. Both public and private institutions face difficulties in choosing the best regional areas for growth, providing the right educational incentives for each community and making the right technology investments for the delivery of education.

The upshot is that a proactive approach is more important than ever in education.

HBF Direct Limited Study on Education says future education will be more tech-driven and more research & practical knowledge needs to be focused on country. University can adjust depending on the skills and concentrate more on students with common interest.We need to focus more on small and skill-based course after covid19. Now a day University is moving to the next step and providing the best internet education on minimum cost. Countries like INDIA need to upgrade the education system with fewer universities and trainers' quality, enabling them to deliver online training.

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Our more than 100 educational consultants are traveling around the world to meet educators, investors, operators and venture capitalists to explore markets. In all the education segments, we have led multiple on-site engagements: early childhood, K-12 and higher education.

To help clients realize growth opportunities in new sectors and geographies, including untapped developing countries, we combine primary research with advanced analytics and strategic consulting. Our knowledge bank includes lessons from more than 600 engagements in 90 countries — lessons we bring to bear in helping you formulate your own strategies.

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