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 industry growth 2014–2019: 3.3%

Through turning profound business knowledge into actionable perspectives and generating outcomes through creative technologies, we work with our company partners on today's most critical, multidimensional issues while uncovering potential prospects for tomorrow. We are business integrator who mix strategy, analysis, operations and technology together.

Consultants work on subjects such as industrial planning, corporate policy and project management. Demand for management consultancy services increased over the five years to 2019 as stronger corporate profitability increased global aggregate private investment.


After 2020

After covid 19: Manufacturing is a major part of the economy, accounting for almost 16 percent of global GDP in 2018. As a consequence, the government is focused mainly on promoting the industrial industry across nations. Several programs to develop the manufacturing industry in developing markets include Make in India, and Made in China (MIC) 2025. Furthermore, Create in India is an initiative initiated in 2015 to promote commodities produce in India. It is targeted at growing India 's reliance on exporting nations by manufacturing products at home.

As per the estimation by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the COVID-19 outbreak could cause global FDI to shrink by 5%-15%, due to the downfall in manufacturing sector coupled with factory shutdown. The negative effects of COVID-19 on FDI investments are expected to be high in the energy, automotive, and airlines industries. Regardless of the COVID-19 epidemics across the world, automobile, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and aircraft producers face questions over raw material quality. Smartphones and consumer goods firms have started a decline in manufacturing activities in the telecommunications industry and delayed the launch of new items combined with the COVID-19 outbreak Which in turn interrupted component delivery.

COVID-19 's effect on manufacturing is analyzed on the basis of regions, including North America, Europe , Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world. China is mainly impacted by the situation in Asia-Pacific, owing to the collapse in industrial output coupled with the shutdown of factories.

HBF Direct Limited comes with covid19 Industrialist Country Development Program Certain countries do need to focus on policy & regulations. We need to make the company operate on automation mode to get the company involved. This is a great opportunity for manufacturing and export increases under developing or developing countries.


for industries have to start on automation & Static model production.

Focus on Internal audit and machine upgrade audit system.

Restructuring your company could restore its viability and improve its liquidity position.


Marketing Research

Research helps you plan the best way to get your product from the manufacturer to the retail shelf. In addition to deciding which retailers should carry your product, you should determine where your inventory will be held.

Listen to your team

Go to your team, and tell them you want to make a fresh start. Tell them you want them to enjoy their jobs more and get more done.

Analyze the Problem

In this problem solving step, you will want to figure out what caused the problem, what the problem looks like at this moment, and the urgency of addressing the problem.