Investment Banker

HBF Direct Ltd. in association with the industry experts have designed courses for the management students in the area of Investment Banking (Private Equity ,Wealth Management & Others)
100% Earning Opportunity

Why should you join this programme?

Live Case Studies

Skills Reinforcement

On-the-Job Training

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Trainers & Experts




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Investment Banker Overview


Offerings : 

  • 60 hours (offline classes)
  • 3 Months on the Job Training in Private Equity Series Funding, Pre IPO, Unlisted Shares, Financial Research & Analysis, Networking and Acquisition of Investors
  • Top notch trainers from Private Equity Market, Consulting firms, Pre IPO-Consultant
  • Advanced Excel Workshop
  • 100% Placement
  • Minimum CTC 5.0 LPA (CTC can go upto 10.0 LPA with some extraordinary candidate).

Key information


Duration: 60 Hours (Offline/Online) Plus Full time on-the-job training for 3 months.

Course Delivery – (Offline/Online)  - On the job training will be completely offline

Assessment : The HBF team will be doing an initial screening (Aptitude Test/GD/PI) and only the selected students will be considered for this programme.

There will be continuous evaluation and assessment on the subject/training imparted and students will have timeline to improve and clear the test.


Investment Banker Module

Initial Public Offering

Due Diligence
  • Meeting Mandatory Compliances for Companies
  • Due Diligence
  • Verbal Legal Advisory
  • Connect with Legal team for Drafting
Process for IPO
  • Brand Building
  • Increase awareness
  • Advantages of IPO
  • Insights about DRHP
  • IPO Form Submission to Authority
Final Process
  • Choose & Visit Investors
  • Investors Roadshow
  • Professional Support
  • ESOP 

Investment Management

Private Equity
  • Understanding Company Valuation 
  • Understanding Share Model 
  • Investor Termsheet 
  • Calculation of Human Life Value (HLV)
  • Calculation of Survival Value (SV)
  • Different Types of Private Equity 
IPO Investment
  • Find Opportunities for Investor
  • Help Investors to withdraw Investments
  • Analysis of future coming IPOs
  • Analysis ROI and support Investors
Investment Assets
  • Direct Investment Equity Model
  • Property
  • Machinery 
  • International Assets 

Sales Strategy

Building Sales Process

Process to

  • Check Product 
  • Understand Market 
  • Gathering Leads
How to Approach
  • Approach Model
  • Sales Pitch 
  • Sales Training 
  • Getting References
Supporting Sales
  • Building a Sales Support team
  • Developing Hiring Standards 
  • Monthly rewards 
  • Incentive Model 

Entry Requirements

Graduate / Post Graduate degree

Basic Understanding of Finance and Buisness

Good Communication Skills


Fees & Registration

Fees Rs 72800+ GST

0% Interest EMI Facility

Scholarship for Early Bird Admissions


FAQs- Question & Answer

Who Should Opt for this course ?

Graduates / Post Graduates and Working Professionals . This is a special program for those people those wants to become management expert in their core domain those can help companies to grow. On the next level you can be part of biggest Management team.

What is Career Prospects?

After successful completion of investment banker program , you will be offered placement with the minimum CTC -5.0 LPA . It can go even on the higher side based on your performance during the training . You will be a prospect candidate for banking and finance services after completing this program .

What Can be my future ?

You are going to become an expert, companies will always offer you the highest pay after 5 years or 10 years of experience, you can be a CEO or CFO of the company.

What will the program cost me?
  • INR 72800 .
  • Scholarship for early bird admission . 
  • 0% Interest EMI Facility.
is this course online ?

NO , this is totally offline . 


can i do another job with your course?

You can but its not easy becasue our course and training required you full time . where you have to learn and research more than 9hr per day.

Do I need to submit any document for this course?

Yes, you have to prove that you are a graduate. You also need to submit project work which you have done during your graduation or post graduation . 

Do I need to take my classes in some kind of special order or sequence?

Yes, but case studies are not in sequence ..

can i join this course at any time

No, this is a special course for 100 students only. And we run twice a year only. 

Why HBF Direct Started this Program?

In this Industry-4.0 Revolution countries are changing themselves and building new entrepreneurs and now MSME & SME companies are in high numbers and are in a constant changing format in both developing and developed countries. The change is going very rapid in the industry. On the other hand, educational institutions, like all other organizations, are also subject to constant change. However, change does not always bring about progress. It all depends on how well reform is implemented in education. It is not easy for education organisations to provide Live experience with industries.

HBF Direct Limited industry experts understand the MSME and SME companies very well and with its constant research and case studies found out that there are a number of experts available for Unicorns or fortune 1000 companies but it is not the same for small and startup companies which are in fact the biggest support system for any given economy. Small Medium Industries or New Startups are looking for experts who can help them to grow their organisation. According to recent data of India and USA, 90% of startups fail within 5 years even after raising funds. Small companies are failing to build strategies and implement them.

After looking at this prevailing situation HBF Direct limited has come up with a solution to increase the number of Management Consultants and experts around the world who can help startups and SMEs with their expert advice to take relevant action or make changes to their processes which can help decrease the number of failing Startups and SME and increase the ratio of success stories.


HBF DIRECT LIMITED, a public limited company, is an emerging financial advisory organization run by a team of financial planners and Management Consultants. HBF Direct Ltd. strives to offer the right business advisory services to businesses to help them grow and leverage opportunities presented by today’s complex global economy.

Our Team provides the best in class services in the field of Gap Analysis, People Management, Fundraising & IPO Advisory, Corporate Finance & Legal Advisory, Start-up consultancy. Additionally, we also assist in strategy development and the day-to-day operations of a business.

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Trainers and Experts

SME & Startup Consultant


Management Consultant || SME & Startup IPO Consultant || Building Brands || Sales Strategy 

International Business Consultant


 Management Consultant || Angel Investor || Idea to IPO Advisor || Startup and SME IPO Advisor || L&Sc Consultant

Trainer & Coach

Ms. Evelyn

Covid-19 & Remote Working || Wellbeing, Mindfulness & Biohacking || Building Resilience || improving Efficiencies