Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have emerged as high-growth regions that cover multiple technologies, industries, and markets.

The Internet of Things(IoT), which consists of a large network of sensors and smart devices combined with advanced analytics and cloud services, has the potential to complement (and disrupt) a wide range of industries. HBF helps IoT and Analytics vendors focus their efforts and identify which battlegrounds they can most efficiently compete on, as well as helping consumers understand and unlock the value of IoT. From sensors, connectivity, and lifecycle management to IoT platform analytics, security, applications, and services, our knowledge spans the entire IoT spectrum.

IOT and AI lab setup in colleges and incubations
IOT LAB Setup for companies and colleges
Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things (IoT) solution for colleges and corporate

An all-encompassing lab with best-in-class AI and IoT capabilities. We are optimistic that when the two are combined, the future has a lot to offer in terms of innovation. We offer AI-IoT Labs as a service to businesses looking to experiment with new ideas. Our facility will also help you improve your technical hiring by recruiting candidates through an HBF hiring challenge or by connecting you with people who are already trained and can fill in for you.

Consider the advantages of using our AI-IoT Labs as a Service for your business.

Every IoT consultancy project is a true collaboration in which collaborative individuals, enabling technology, and transformative ideas accelerate change. HBF DIRECT LIMITED directs the entire process, from energy-efficient design to facility construction and commissioning or upgrading.

IOT , Robotics & AI Labs for colleges

iot setup in college

We at HBF Direct IOT Labs will assist you in helping your students develop skills in the IOT domain. Thanks to our IOT based courses, your students will be able to learn and develop innovative IOT projects, Cloud Computing and other IT releted programs from your college.

Most businesses are beginning to integrate IOT into their operations as the internet and the number of devices connected to it expand. IoT provides these industries with a cost-effective way to store data in the cloud and conduct various analyses.

Engineering students who want to work on this cutting-edge technology must gain expertise in the IoT domain & Cloud computing while still in college in order to stay ahead of their peers. Learning IoT, on the other hand, is difficult and requires hands-on project development. HBF IoT Labs will help you achieve this goal by setting up an IoT lab at your school and teaching students about IoT in a fun and easy way.

IOT for Corporates,

IOT Solution for corporate, banks and other insitutions

The IoT work done by HBF Direct Limited is broad and profound, with skills ranging from global market analysis to strategy formulation, as well as adequate knowledge and expertise on many of the skills at the heart of IoT. Among our abilities are the following:

  • Assisting companies in creating or refining an IoT strategy and identifying the most beneficial ways to incorporate IoT into existing business processes, new businesses, and performance improvement programs.
  • Assisting companies with next-generation initiatives such as IoT proofs of concept, digital roadmaps, and analytics that turn data into action.
  • Working with vendors to better understand customer needs, form the right partnerships, prioritize the most promising opportunities, and address the security issues that IoT devices and applications present.
  • Providing Advanced Analytics expertise to help consumers get the most value out of the vast amounts of data they produce.
  • As we work with customers to address the organizational changes required to integrate IoT into their digital strategies, we're assisting vendors in scaling their IoT product and service offerings.


HBF IoT Labs Consulting is a true partnership that accelerates change through collaborative people, empowering technology, and transformative ideas. For the IOT lab, we have a unique and highly successful training and management approach. Gaining expertise in IOT by building projects will never be difficult for your students participating in IOT lab thanks to our hardware kits, high-quality content, and technical support.

Everything has its rightful place. And we have faith in your students' ability to learn and grow. Now it's up to you to take the lead on this initiative on your college campus and help your students gain a solid understanding of the IoT domain.

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