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Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization Increase profitability
through cost optimization 

Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization
Increase productivity
business process optimization

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation
Increase business value with
IT and digital solutions

Cost Optimization

We optimize your DIRECT expenses

We optimize your INDIRECT expenses

We optimize your IT expenses

Cost Optimization

To maximize your company's benefit, take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the local market and procurement best practices. Let us examine, benchmark, and analyze your expenditures to determine how much money you can save. All spend categories can be addressed by our multi-talented team.

We optimize your DIRECT expenses: Purchases of products and services that are specifically integrated into a product being made, or goods for immediate resale, are referred to as direct spend. Raw materials, subcontracted production facilities, and retail merchandise are all examples of such services.

Utilize our extensive global vendor network and in-depth knowledge of manufacturing costing models to begin saving right away.

We optimize your INDIRECT expenses: Purchases of products and services that are not specifically integrated into a product being made are referred to as indirect spend. All of the supplies needed to run your business are included in indirect spend. Utilities, communications, facilities management, travel, marketing services, transportation, and logistics are only a few examples.

Leverage on our solid knowledge of the local market and our contract management expertise: start saving now.

We optimize your IT expenses: IT spend refers to purchases related to the construction and maintenance of company-wide IT systems and IT services. Examples include IT hardware, software, licenses, data centers, cloud solutions, marketing-related IT applications (e-commerce, website…) and associated maintenance of third-party services.

Work with our IT experts and start saving now.

Process Optimization

We optimize your PROCUREMENT processes

We optimize your MANUFACTURING processes

We optimize your MANUFACTURING processes

Business Process Optimization

Leverage on our proven track record of successful optimization projects to boost your company’s productivity. Let us review your processes and show you how to make them more efficient.
We primarily focus on 3 areas.

We optimize your PROCUREMENT processes

Do you have a strong procurement strategy in place?

● Don't grumble if you don't! We will help you to create processes that will improve efficiency and traceability, according to your needs. We will support the policy of procurement, supplier selection, tendering, supplier control and many more!

● If you are uncertain, let us examine and evaluate internal processes, we will diagnose the organization's maturity and show you where we see growth opportunities. You will provide an objective examination of the existing procurement processes and their success from an external perspective.

●If you do, congratulations! Maybe it is time for you to further increase your productivity by automating your processes and start your e-procurement journey.

We optimize your MANUFACTURING processes

Have you outsourced the production of your products?

● You haven't but you are thinking about it? We can help identify the right manufacturing partners in the right locations, in line with your supply chain strategy.
We will be supporting you from the definition of the objectives of their manufacturing strategy to the benchmark, selection and management of the manufacturing partner.
We will put in place the processes and the tools needed by your team in order to manage a healthy and fruitful relationship with your new contract manufacturer.

● You have! We can help review and benchmark the processes in place with your manufacturing partner such as: current commodity strategy, costing model, cost of goods sold negotiation and many more !

● Thinking of transferring your production? We can support and drive your team when the production is relocated from one manufacturing location to another for cost or other strategic reasons. We will focus on ensuring there is no disruption in the supply of raw materials and in the production of the finished goods.

We optimize your IT processes 

● We can help increase your IT team's productivity by working with them on streamlining their operations.

● We help you in the design of a pragmatic IT strategy to minimize your IT spend and ensure your core business processes are automated.

● We interact with your main IT vendors on your behalf to obtain significant discounts, leveraging on our strong knowledge of the Singaporean market and of solutions available to you.

Digital Transformation

Master emerging technology to effectively automate the company processes.

Digitalize your business model and conquer new market shares 

Increase your productivity through smart technologies

Digital Transformation

Leverage on new technologies and automation to increase your SME's productivity and reduce costs.

Master emerging technology to effectively automate the company processes.

With so many different tools, software, and IT services available nowadays, figuring out which ones are best for your company can be difficult.
Our experts are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative resources that have real value. We'll figure out which tools are best for you and how to use them to automate your company.

Digitalize your business model and conquer new market shares 

Operating Digital Transformation for SMEs can be just as difficult as it is for MNCs, and digital channel rivalry is fierce.
Optimal Cost's experts negotiate the best deals for you, ensuring that the resources and technology your company requires enable you to compete internationally while complementing your current offering.

Increase your productivity through smart technologies 

With competition both locally and internationally, it is paramount for SMEs to remain competitive and increase their productivity. Leveraging on new technologies to strengthen your service delivery can be a game-changer.

We adopt a pragmatic approach and analyse the way your business is structured and operates, recommend and assist in deploying new technologies only when it makes sense financially.

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