HBF Direct Ltd prime focus is to build, inspire and encourage budding entrepreneurs by creating ample scope for their business to     flourish. We expertise in startup consulting and offer mentorship to entrepreneurs and make them ready for fundraising Series A,B,C,D etc and make them ready to launch their Startup IPO.  Out of the box business ideas are encouraged whereby our guidance in terms of strategic planning and market research can give a boost to any innovative business ideas/ models.


The Problem

We have observed that starting a valued business with new idea is really very challenging task. The entrepreneurs know their idea very well however they do not know how to commercialize that idea according to market demand. An entrepreneur needs mentorship and business advisory related to Finance, IT, Leadership, Management, Human resource  in order to execute the business idea in proper framework.

The Solution

The Challenge

Lack of enough resources, connectivity and support to implement the business are very big challenges.

We Made

We have created an ecosystem for startups and SMEs, where they can obtain full business assistance and resources to execute their business into the market place and optimize the revenue.


Strategy & Planning
Finance & Restructuring