In this fast-evolving world of interactive marketing, we help our clients to present themselves digitally and play a big role in their overall expansion of the business.

We usually approach a problem through different avenues. Our circle of service offerings includes:

  • 360° Digital marketing  & Branding
  • Building offline/online reputation to connecting Investors, client and employees
  • Reputation Management (ORM & Support)
  • Website Restructuring & Development
  • Focus on content which play a big part in Reputation management.

Online reputation management is the process of controlling what shows up when someone looks you up online. We'll show you how to identify and clean up any damaging content about your organization online, like negative Google results, risky social media posts, and images as well as help you promote positive content that helps your organization great online

For Investors

Publish Monthly Growth Report

Dematlization of your Shares 

Internal Company Audit 

Working on Projection Report 

For Employees


Quarterly Review and feedback

Hiring Standards 


For Clients

IT infra 


Right approach 

Reminders & Help center.

Why every organization needs reputation management?




Every day, people are reviewing businesses with star ratings, comments, social media posts, blogs and much more. Knowing what people are saying about your business is invaluable. Reputation management provides you with a chance to counter negative feedback. It also creates an opportunity to promote the experience of your positive mentions. An effective online reputation management strategy can provide you with new opportunities and insight on increasing brand awareness.

The importance of having an online reputation management process in place is undeniable. Here are a couple of reasons to consider starting one:


The reputation of a business is essential to its survival. Having the trust of your clients is a major component of success. Your clients discuss your business with friends and family. When they have a problem, they will spread the word about their experience. Data shows that if an organization has a good reputation, consumers will find that company more credible than its competitors. Even when competing businesses offer the same products or services for different prices!


Having professional staff is the foundation for a successful workforce. In today’s world, 92% of companies are using social media for recruiting. A company's reputation matters for employers more than ever before. It can have serious impacts on the quality of recruitment. Top applicants will research your company before they accept a position.


Having a successful corporate image is a necessary marketing tool for your company. If you warm the hearts of your customers, then you can expect them to always remember you. You won't need to spend time trying to convince your potential customers to use your products or services. With a strong digital image, customers will continue to support your company.

We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage.

Process For Reputation Management

Dignose Your Business

  • Check Website and profile
  • Check feedbacks
  • Check daily report system
  • Check Digital Marketing
  • Research on Requirement

Set a Process

  • Requirement for Reputation
  • Online model
  • Offline model
  • ORM

Final step

  • Check weekly performance
  • Connect clients directly
  • Showing all information to previous clients
  • Training recognition support for employees

Why Online Reputation Management Matters?

Review management services

92% of consumers hesitate to do business with a company that has less than 4/5 stars
43% of consumers refuse to do business that has fewer than a 4 star average

We will optimize your company review pages to increase the visibility of positive reviews and showcase your company brand and continue to refine your strategy and monitor all review sites to maximize positive visibility.

We will along the line develop a custom strategy to systematically identify and nurture opportunities for organic positive reviews.

Whether you will have one negative review or several, we will be happy to create and execute a custom strategy to help your company look better online. Our first step when it comes to online review management is to decide which review sites to prioritize, and how many reviews will be needed to make an impact.

Employee branding services

On an average an Employees get searched more frequently than your company. In fact employees get searched 10x more often than the company itself and also the leads from an employee’s online presence convert better and Leads & referrals developed from an employee’s online presence convert 7x more than the traditional lead.

The higher ranking the employee, the more important it is:

45% Of a company’s reputation is attributed to the reputation of the CEO

77% The role a CEO’s reputation plays in attracting employees to a company.

44% Of a company’s market value is attributed to the reputation of the CEO

We will create customized compelling content from our expert content writers that will position your employees as experts - so you get in front of more relevant audiences

Our in-house content writers will craft content to position your employees as industry thought leaders - then promote them on social media to help your company’s brand reach targeted audiences.

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