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Entrepreneurs need outside experts who have both the expertise and experience to advise you what to do and execute your plan into action saving you money, time, and aggravation. Entrepreneurs need outside experts who can do the work and at the same time provide guidance on what needs to be done. HBF Direct ensures and helps entrepreneurs from day 1 to achieve their goals in the future.

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Idea Validation

Idea validation is the process of testing and validating an idea prior to the launch of your business name, product, service, or website. HBF understands and analyzes the idea of the entrepreneur. Accordingly, this includes Market research which includes competitor analysis, analyzing growth prospects, understanding future outlook, target market analysis, swot analysis, and so on.

Process to Start a Business Business after Idea Validation

  • We then check the skill of the entrepreneurs and see if they are capable of running the business successfully.
  • We also provide advice on the type of company that the entrepreneur should get registered, licenses required, approvals
  • We also help the entrepreneur to select a favorable location to start his/her business. We provide services all over the world and after proper market research, we advise the entrepreneur on the best place in the world where he/she should set up the business.
  • We create a list of the resources that are required to start the business and also help the entrepreneur with sourcing these things.
  • We also help with other tasks like website development, website impression, and so on.
  • We also create the policies required to run his/her company so that the entrepreneur can focus on the core of the business.
  • We create all the above-mentioned things according to the budget of the entrepreneur.

Before Start Process

  • Market survey
  • Demand & Supply
  • Major players & competitors Study
  • Permissions & Licences/ Approvals
  • Investment needed
  • Technology requirement
  • Team required
  • Location 
  • Etc

Building Roadmap

  • Company Incorporation
  • Building Bylaws
  • Building Policies & SOPs
  • Start Hiring
  • KRA Assign for team


Monthly Check

  • Quarterly Goal Sheet check
  • Sales Audit
  • HR Audit
  • Finance Audit
  • Operations Audit

Meet experts

Our business experts come from businesses of all shapes and sizes, but they share one thing in common - a commitment to promoting business and enabling others to do the same.

  • Bankers
  • Strategy Builders
  • Financial Consultant
  • Professionals
  • Auditors

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