Farming For All applies a machine-learning algorithm to process each farming field data and give suggestions and forecasts to the farmer. Smart Irrigation Controller allows them to start/stop the water motor on demand via mobile app and act as a network gateway for data collectors and send data to cloud applications via Wifi network or GSM SIM.

Farming For All members, can access the broader community of farmers across India, and resolve their queries or find a functional expert for their problem at hand. This will vastly, Improve the productivity of farmers and save time. Integrating various available technologies into one solution makes Farming For All very unique. They are using cloud computing, Internet of things, smart sensors, embedded software, smart devices, machine learning technology to process data and produce scientific fact about the farming field. Using Farming experts and researcher for agriculture knowledge and converting it into digital format, to be used as input for machine learning algorithms (AI).

Ashish Kumar Kushwaha is the Founder and CEO of Farming For All, an Agritech startup from Greater. Noida, India. It is helping farmers use cutting edge technologies to increase their crop yield. Farming For All is promoting a smart way to cultivate, and it helps farmers in monitoring soil moisture levels, PH, temperature, humidity, light etc. in real-time by using an IOT smart data collector.


What Problem are you Solving?

We are digitizing the soil moisture, PH, temperature, humidity and day light for of farming field. This help us to understand the trend of soil behavior, PH etc. which helps to do predictions for the soil and take preventive measure to increase the crop yield. Currently, farmers have no data about their soil. Rarely they are doing soil moisture and PH test for the farming field. This will help them to increase their productivity. We have developed two devices: Smart Controller and Smart Data Collector. Smart Data Collector contains sensors and sends data to the controller.  The controller sends data to the cloud applications via wifi or GSM SIM. The controller automatically starts the water motor when it finds low moisture in the farming field. You can also do the scheduling of water motor in the mobile app. Controller and Data Collector are connected with Radio Frequency which can work up to 10 KM. This is very useful for the hill, mountain and no network area.  The mobile application has various dashboards to help farmers. The application comes in two language Hindi and English.

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