What is Black Eye Technology about?

People say technologies have ruined nature, we (Black Eye Technology) are working with a vision "LET THE TECHNOLOGIES HEAL NATURE."  We are Researching and Manufacturing Smart IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence enabled devices in the B2B Business in the field of Smart Agriculture, Defense, Automobile, Bio-Technology, Advance Medical Equipment Development, Environmental Devices & much more. We have an electronic manufacturing division. We are designing and developing high-quality PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), Electronics Sensors, and Microprocessors.

Black Eye Technologies helps its customers to make their social life easy and comfortable with the help of technologies. Our mission is to reduce human labor and increase the interaction of technologies to the ground level. Black Eye Technologies has a big research and development wing which deals with new technologies and new trends.

What Problem is Black Eye Technology Solving?

Ground Water Conservation; Live Soil Testing

Every year in India 2 lakh people die due to a lack of fresh drinking water. According to the world water project, this water problem will affect Food Security too because 80% of this water is being used in Agriculture. India is the biggest consumer of groundwater which is 124% more than China and the US. India extracts 251 cubic KM of water annually which is 25% of the world's extraction.

93.8% of this groundwater is used in Irrigation. Black Eye Technology is developing smart systems to reduce the wastage of water in the irrigation process.

Black Eye Technology also solves the monitoring problem of several patients at a time by a single expert doctor in the hospitals. Nowadays, the number of cardiac patients is skyrocketing. The condition of these patients can become worse due to a lack of a common monitoring system and highly skilled doctors. Black Eye Technology aims to create a platform that can monitor several patients at one time.

Black Eye Technology is creating a device called E-ResMon (Electronic Respiratory Monitor) which will monitor the data of radiology and also enable doctors to monitor several patients at one time. E-ResMon device can take a reading of ECG, data will be calibrated with Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis, take a reading of pulse, take a reading of blood pressure, take a reading of temperature, take a reading of GSR sensor (Sweat sensor), send the data of patients to the cloud with different tables so that users can also access the data client wise. Doctors can access the data via mobile application and web software and at the same time, patients can also monitor the data of their health conditions.

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