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Promotional campaigns are the plans and techniques used by companies to sell themselves in the market and boost sales, earnings, brand equity, and recall for their goods and business. Promotion techniques have many uses that can be used in a variety of ways to accomplish diverse goals. The best thing about promotions is their adaptability.


1) Social Media

There are many online sites where you can sell your brand and attract a large number of people. There is almost no one who does not use Facebook or Instagram. You will make people aware of your product by using this website. You will discuss its applications and how important it is to them. You should also show customers how the product is superior to other related products. You should ensure that the offering is easily accessible to new buyers who are likely to migrate. There is a 90% probability that you will come across a commercial for “Zomato” giving you a 50% discount on your first purchase.

2) Mail Order Marketing

Consider that the business is still alive and doing well solely because of your clients. Customers who have used and enjoyed the services are most likely to stay in touch with you for a long time. As a result, don't make the mistake of overlooking these clients. You may request that they share their personal information in exchange for free gifts or services. You will use that detail to sell the product in a different environment where consumers are completely unaware that it exists.

3) Free Product and sample Giveaways

This promotional technique is used for both small and large businesses. Using this technique, you will immediately increase the selling of your items. Health and beauty firms are the most likely to use this technique. They give out free samples of their products and encourage customers to try new products. You've also seen a small counter of a brand in a shopping mall that gives away product samples to any passer-by or even asks for personal information like an email address from people who are receiving free samples. You will later use this knowledge to advertise your product.

4) Customer Incentive Referral Program

This promotional campaign would depend on your existing consumers to inspire them to recommend your goods or services to their families and friends. In return for their recommendation, you will offer them presents or discounts on their next order. Many e-commerce firms, for example, run a "Customer Incentive Referral Program" to expand their customer base by current clients. This technique is much less costly than conventional campaign methods.

5) Point of Sale Promotion and End Marketing

Items are prominently placed in supermarkets so that they are visible to shoppers as soon as they visit the shop. This is done by stores for two reasons: comfort and instinct. Many times, you've seen a rack showing enticing discounts on a certain product or a large number of items shown near the store's aisle. Stores do this for a variety of causes. They do this to help increase the selling of the goods or to keep their stock going. This tactic causes consumers to purchase such goods on the spur of the moment as they wait for their chance to check out.

6) Branded Promotional Gifts

Many businesses use this successful tactic to market their brand. Rather than passing out business cards, this technique has the company name, slogan, and contact information printed on a practical gift. Companies in Japan, for example, sell millions of napkins with their brand's name written on the envelope. The reasoning for this is because people normally toss business cards without ever looking at them; but, since a napkin is important, people should not throw it away because there is a good possibility that it will remain with the person to whom it is given for a longer period of time. This is probably the perfect way to keep the clients satisfied and everyone enjoys receiving free presents.

7) Causes and Charity

People tend to work for businesses who give back to communities while still offering outstanding services. As a result, both small and large businesses use this tactic to expand their client base. To do this, you would partner with a charitable organisation or an NGO, and then publicise your campaign on your social media handles, website, and in your shops so that people are aware of it and can purchase your goods to help the community.

8) After-Sale Customer Survey

Reaching out to your customers via phone calls, emails, or text messages to inquire about their shopping experience accomplishes three tasks: 1. It gives your clients the impression that you care for them. 2. It allows for promotional events. 3. Customer reviews will assist you in improving your company.

During the chat, you can also inform your clients of current or future discounts on your goods, and whether they are satisfied with your services, you can kindly request that they leave a favourable review online. It will boost your company's profile.

9) Customer’s Appreciation Events

This technique entails hosting a casual party for the clients. This little act may not cost you as much as expensive ads, but it will undoubtedly increase consumer loyalty to your company. You will also have minor tournaments in which you can give the winner a gift basket or a discount on their next order. You can make this type of event more appealing by including food such as burgers, soft drinks, or other snacks. Customers will be drawn to the shop as a result of this. Be sure to creatively show items that you want to sell so that they get people's attention.

This form of advertising campaign is commonly used by businesses to establish a market presence for a newly introduced product. You've probably seen a lot of blogs and YouTubers blogging about their collaborations with different brands and challenging their customers to go do various activities in order to win the contest. In addition, businesses can have a discount if a buyer enters the code issued by a particular YouTuber or Blogger. You may also arrange competitions in a conventional manner, such as holding a contest in the shop and inviting people to enter in order to be eligible to win.

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